5 Poker Table Tips for Staying Focused

One of the most important skills a poker player can have is to be able to focus for longer periods of time. Better concentration in sessions will significantly increase your success rate, and it isolates alright to great poker players from the incredible players. Giving the game your full focus could even match your c-wager, registration process or some other key idea.

Here are the 5 hints to keep you focused to give you the most obvious opportunity to progress.


  • Put away your phone

When someone asked you what the distraction number one was in your life, what would you say? Many say their telephone. Phones are a big distraction when it comes to concentrating on a specific task.

If you are a serious poker player, here's a bigger question: do you usually look at your phone while you play? I hope “no " is the answer.

In tournaments, most players start focusing more and removing their phones, which proves that they know that it is important to focus their attention. However, they burn money and prevent themselves from reaching later stages more often by not removing the telephone earlier.

A considerable lot of us go after our telephones the minute we wake up, yet by beginning the day without it you can begin to bring an end to the bad habit. You may at first have an inclination that you are passing up something, however, that will leave.

Switch your phone on ' Airplane Mode' or essentially turn it off while playing. The dopamine hits from seeing messages and warnings are all too attractive in the early stages of a competition. Keep a strategic distance from it by removing the telephone.

To stay engaged and off your phone, try running different players if you are not in your hand. Give careful consideration to showdowns–from only one confrontation you can take a ton about the methodology of a player. Do anything to protect yourself from exhaustion.


  • Leverage music

If it suits you, music can be a great tool to stay focused. Music can keep you “in the zone,” or at least it allows you to pay attention to poker without checking your phone. Music can be really good especially when you try to get out of the propensity to use your phone. It can also keep your mood positively high.


  • Don’t waste your breaks

This is quite obvious. When you play live poker tournaments, you spend an average break every two hours. Use these breaks for your benefit. Take a moment to get up, go for a walk, and move your blood. This helps bring your focus back to poker after the break.

Because you do not check your phone anymore while playing, use breaks to get crazy over it. Check messages, Twitter, Instagram–whatever break you want. Get it out of your system and go back to the table.


  • Pace yourself

Multi-day competitions can be extremely depleting, which is one conceivable exemption to not having 100% complete focus from the beginning. If the competition is long (e.g. 4 + days), it is tiring to remain focused on everything from the very beginning, because there are so many days ahead of you.

In these cases, there is a question of whether it is okay to go on an “autopilot“ in the middle of the day 1. It is worth playing your B game, not focusing on each hand and saving energy for later days. Just know that you are deliberately reducing your normal value at the time, so it is an individual choice. If you play a shorter event, however, you should aim for your A-game from the beginning – to stay off your phone, focus, listen to music and the players.


  • Consider Meditating

If you never tried meditation, you really should take a shot. The very best people in the world, from poker players to CEOs, swear by the adequacy of reflection. 

Meditation is particularly helpful for live players, who need to manage incalculable diversions in busy casinos. The basic advantages fall right in accordance with what live players in many cases battle with, including less pressure, less uneasiness, and enhanced blood circulation.